good-bye sneak peeks, hello favorite five…

January is such a good time for reflection and planning. In the last couple of weeks, I have been re-evaluating many aspects of how I run my small business. One area I’ve been thinking about is the practice of providing a “sneak peek”. To date, I have always posted a sneak peek for clients on my website and on Facebook. The purpose of this was to give the client some instant gratification and to have a current selection of photos that new clients could look through. I usually picked five or so of my favorite shots from the session, quickly edited them, and made them available for the public and the client to see. For a couple of reasons, I’ve decided to change the timing in how I present these photos to the public. First of all, the time frame between the posting of the sneak peek and the completion of the gallery is about two weeks. One concern I have is that when I post the 5 best photos for the client and then they have to wait two weeks for the remainder of their gallery, it becomes somewhat anti-climactic since they have already seen what is in theory, the best of the shoot. Secondly, I believe the client should be the very first person to see their photos. While I might think a certain shot is fantastic, I respect that it might not be one that the client loves, or wants posted for the world to see! Finally, I would like to move towards delivering a client’s gallery in-person. I believe that a more personalized delivery of the gallery will help clients to choose packages, prints, and products that are tailor-fit for their homes.

So, it’s good-by to the sneak peek and hello to the favorite five. After clients have received their gallery and we have talked about our favorite images, I’ll post the favorite five (or so!) from the session. Stay tuned for some favorite fives to be posted in the next week!


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